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5 Fashionable Insights Concerning the Previous Testomony That Aren’t Going Anyplace

These 5 insights overlap a bit, however right here they’re.

1. The Previous Testomony is an historical Close to Japanese phenomenon.

Maybe an apparent level, however value placing on the prime of the checklist.

Nothing has modified our understanding of the Previous Testomony extra dramatically than what we’ve discovered over the previous 150 years or so about what Israel’s historical neighbors thought and the way they lived—and the way a lot the Israelites not solely resembled their neighbors however how indebted they have been to modes of considering that have been nicely in place lengthy earlier than the Israelites ever existed.

No nook of the Previous Testomony has remained unaffected: tales of origins, cosmology, theology, cult (worship), psalmody, knowledge, prophecy, and extra.

The Previous Testomony can’t be handled in isolation from its setting.

2. “Fantasy” is an inescapable class for describing parts of the Previous Testomony.

Sidestepping the varied definitions of fable individuals wish to argue about, historical mythic classes are self-evidently current within the Previous Testomony.

At occasions the Israelites utilized these myths to their very own worship (e.g., making use of to Yahweh in Psalm 18 descriptions of west Semitic storm deities; Yahweh presiding over a pantheon in Psalm 82). At different occasions mythic classes have been used to distinguish Israelite perception from that of different peoples (e.g., Genesis 1 vis-a-vis the Babylonian Enuma Elish).

No matter how they have been used, historical myths function a “conceptual construction” for the way the Israelites understood their God, no less than in varied locations within the Previous Testomony.

3. Israelites didn’t write their historical past “objectively.”

No writing of historical past is goal anyway, which is an concept few have bother accepting—and the Previous Testomony doesn’t escape that reality.

The Israelites wrote the story of their previous to not discuss concerning the previous for its personal sake, however to see their current in gentle of their previous and their previous in gentle of their current. The Israelites have been storytellers.

That doesn’t imply the Previous Testomony is “devoid of historical past” or some such factor. However it does imply that the Previous Testomony provides us one thing very totally different than what we’d name “historical past” right this moment.

Put one other method, #3 follows on #1 and #2.

4. The Previous Testomony doesn’t comprise one systematic and constant physique of “reality” however varied, and even conflicting, views.

We see this at work, for instance, once we evaluate Israel’s two histories (the one contained in Samuel and Kings and the opposite contained in Chronicles); legal guidelines in Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy that battle; portraits of God’s actions that differ among the many Psalms and knowledge literature (Proverbs, Job, Ecclesiastes).

The Previous Testomony doesn’t enable itself to be systemized into one easily constant “physique of educating.” The reason being that its varied writings mirror vastly totally different occasions and circumstances—which brings us to #5.

5. The Previous Testomony “advanced” over time till it got here to its ultimate expression.

The Previous Testomony, technically talking, is a product of the Judahites within the centuries following their return from Babylonian captivity (539 BCE).

That doesn’t imply the Previous Testomony was written out of complete fabric on the time. A lot older writings and traditions have been introduced collectively and in addition mixed with new literary creations. All of it was then edited collectively to kind what would ultimately turn out to be the Previous Testomony we all know.

Israel’s Scripture got here to be over time. David didn’t learn the e book of Genesis. The prophets don’t say, “As we learn within the e book of Leviticus.” Whether or not or not the traditions contained in these books have been identified is an attention-grabbing and fruitful dialogue, however that’s not the identical factor as whether or not the literary productions have been in existence.


There may be way more to the Previous Testomony than these 5 factors, after all. And accepting the Previous Testomony as scripture doesn’t rely on totally figuring out these 5 factors. In actual fact, whosoever needs can safely ignore all of this and transfer on with their lives of religion. I imply that.

However once we need to dig into why the Bible “behaves” because it does, and particularly if we’re curious about partaking the Bible on a historic degree, these 5 elements merely can’t be brushed apart.

Any notion of, say, inspiration or revelation that seeks to achieve traction can’t be formulated in blissful isolation from or in antagonism towards these 5 factors. The ship has sailed, the horse is out of the barn, cats are past herding, worms are out of the can—decide your metaphor.

Any “doctrine of Scripture” that doesn’t deal with these points synthetically—working with them moderately than towards them—will on the finish of the day be of little assist and even produce hurt for Christians navigating the generally tough terrain of an historical religion in a contemporary world.

[If you’re interested, I’ve written about some of these issues in more detail, especially herehere, and here, as well as elsewhere this blog—see the categories below.]

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