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I’m studying by means of (and already blogged as soon as) on a captivating ebook, Revelation and Authority: Sinai in Jewish Scripture and Custom, by Benjamin D. Sommer, an observant Jew and professor of Bible and Historical Close to Japanese Languages on the Jewish Theological Seminary in NYC.

One of many issues I attempt to stress in my instructing, running a blog, and writing is that fashionable biblical scholarship does extra than simply unsettle sure views of the Bible.

It most definitely does that for some, and that technique of being unsettled is in and of itself a non secular plus in that it helps wrest us from the “sin of certainty,” which means from the false perception that true religion in God rests on our having after which holding dearly to an impenetrable theological system rooted within the “clear instructing of Scripture.” The Bible, just by its range, successfully deconstructs that sort of pondering.

However fashionable biblical scholarship is of theological worth to us in one other approach, and that is the place Sommer is available in.

Talking of the center of Jewish scripture—Torah, aka Pentateuch, the 5 Books of Moses—Sommer sees nice worth for observant Jews in taking to coronary heart the longstanding scholarly truth (sure, I’ll use that phrase—let the remark part blow up), that the Torah was not written at one time, in a single place, by one particular person, however developed, grew, “developed” so to talk over a number of centuries.

This contemporary scholarly concept is commonly referred to by its early identify (nineteenth century), the “Documentary Speculation,” which successfully argued that Torah is made up of 4 distinct voices (written sources) stemming from the times of the divided monarchy (ninth c. BCE) to after the return from exile in (539 BCE).

That exact iteration of the speculation of the origin of the Pentateuch has been vastly modified and debated ever since, however the overall concept of a number of voices preserved and introduced collectively centuries later in a single assortment known as “Torah/Pentateuch” just isn’t critically questioned.

As such, the Pentateuch bears witness to and preserves these historical Israelite voices about what it means to listen to God’s voice.

So what? Figuring out one thing about this improvement and the distinct voices contained in Torah is about extra than simply satisfying a historic curiosity (“Who wrote the Pentateuch and when?”).

It may possibly and will perform for us right this moment (Jew and Christian) as a theological mannequin.

Right here is one in every of a number of methods Sommer places it.

The numerous reminiscences discovered within the Pentateuchal sources function religiously useful testimonies that present steerage to individuals for whom the Bible features as scripture. Attending to those testimonies permits us, first, the sense the extent to which instructing about revelation have been already topic to wealthy debate within the biblical interval itself and, second, to see how the trendy debates about revelation recall and reenact this older debate. (p. 45)

In different phrases, realizing how the Pentateuch got here to be, with all its various “testimonies,” is spiritually useful for many who learn the Bible as sacred scripture. How so?

We see within the Bible a theological course of modeled for us—a “wealthy debate” over what it means to listen to the voice of God.

That debate just isn’t a later distortion of scripture to be settled by an enchantment to scripture. Reasonably, scripture preserves and due to this fact authoritatively helps the concept such debate is ongoing.

Judaism has its personal vigorous inner debates about what the Bible is and tips on how to use it, however on the entire, Judaism has a convention of seeing the knowledge, even commonsensical-ness, of Sommer’s level: “Sure. Duh. After all Torah is various. Not apparently various, however truly various. The one query is what we do about it.”

Sommer’s greater level in all that is that Torah itself just isn’t God’s phrase given once-for-all in pristine perfection and now below a protecting, vacuum-sealed glass case we name “the authoritative canon.” Reasonably, exactly in its range and contradictions, Torah bears witness to an energetic theological custom that goes again to the very starting of Israel’s expertise.

And that’s precisely why conservative Christians are historically very, very nervous about seeing the Pentateuch as a group of various theologies: it’s not the pristine unique whose range is barely alleged, the results of “sinful man” willfully or unintentionally misinterpreting it. Variety is a theological drawback to be overcome reasonably than a supply of theological vitality.

To drive residence the purpose additional, we will level to 2 analogous points that could be extra acquainted to Christian readers of the Bible.

First is the precise textual content of the Bible. We all know from the Lifeless Sea Scrolls (the oldest and big assortment of copies of the Bible going again to a century or two earlier than Christ) that the additional again you go in time, the extra various the Bible turns into. The thought of a “pristine unique” Bible,an initially simple communicative act type God to dutiful writers that obtained corrupted over time, is a notion that may solely take root in a while, after the unique range was streamlined in each Jewish and Christians traditions (2nd c. CE and onward).

Second is the matter of Christian origins. Many Christians assume that the additional again we go in time, the nearer we get to “unique Christianity” when all followers of Jesus have been basically in settlement on all essential issues. Variety was solely launched later when the early church rapidly forgot the easy unique message.

However students who research Christian origins are fast to level out how various and even tense the early Jesus motion was proper from the very starting: the ground-level tensions between Paul and Peter, other ways of wanting the crucifixion, the function of the legislation, the character of religion—even who Jesus was and what he did (there are 4 Gospels, in any case).

Each Christian and, as Sommer reminds us, Jewish origins are various, a truth born out by their founding paperwork. The function of contemporary biblical scholarship has been to assist us perceive how scripture itself bears witness to the early Israelite and Christian actions as residing, respiration, rising, altering traditions,grappling with the character of God and what it means to dwell as God’s individuals.

As critical readers of scripture, we take part on this biblical custom. To tame it or clarify it away is, sarcastically, to lose sight of our biblical roots.

This weblog was first posted in January 2017.

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